Crawl Space Repair

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It is convenient having a crawl space in your home, making it much easier to access plumbing and electrics, as well as encouraging airflow through your home. However, these spaces are always exposed to the elements and are areas which we easily neglect whilst they are out of sight. Whilst this is left to continue unnoticed, moisture could be building up and with that too, the threat of mold and mildew taking root and causing structural damage. It is important that you pay attention to your crawl space so if it has been a while and you can see that some damage and wear has begun to appear, it could be time for you to employ our crawl space repair service. You can trust us to fully restore your crawl space, so we can better ensure the structural safety of your home.


Through the constant exposure to the elements and with the usual exposure to plumbing and waterworks, it is fair to say that your crawl space gets affected moisture on more or less a daily basis. Given that this space is directly involved in the structural integrity of your home, you will want to protect against the unwanted damages of all that moisture. Our crawl space waterproofing service is exactly the way for you to do that. We will install interior drainage systems which will be able to safeguard the space from getting wet by carrying any water away, clear of causing any structural damage.


As the space between your home and the ground, it is very easy for moisture to build up in the air in your crawl space. It is constantly a more humid area than elsewhere in your home which can be a threatening thing to the wooden structures in place, thanks to the favorable conditions for fungi. To best protect against this, we recommend our crawl space vapor barriers. We will install these sheets in every corner of the space, so that we can completely keep out all dampness, confining it to the ground below. Whilst this is a very economic addition to make, it will significantly improve the value of your home and the comfortability inside.


If you have neglected your crawl space for longer than you should have then there is every possibility that the materials below would have sustained some wearing. It is common to find that wood has been used in the crawl space and if this has been left long enough in the way of moisture, the chances are there could be mold growth or even dry rot. If your wooden materials need replacing, we will be able to do this in the least damaging way possible, taking time to work away at the fungi first.


We will systematically remove all mold and mildew through deep cleaning methods and using professional agents. If there is no fungi present then there is no chance that any damage can be caused, therefore, we are thorough in ensuring that this is the case.

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