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We Repair Issues With Your Foundation

Boston Foundation Repair is your very best source of foundation repair solutions, serving the Massachusetts and New Hampshire areas.

We Fix Foundation Problems

Foundation repair Boston specialists work with some of the most modern and comprehensive technologies, helping local residents with their issues with foundations.

We Care About Your Boston Home

Our work is carried out in a conscious manner, as we know just how big of an impact it can have in the homes of so many. You can count on us to deliver when you need us most, being Boston’s best foundation repairs team.

Professional Concrete Contractor Mixing Plaster for Basement Waterproofing

Projects Completed

Foundation Contractor Works with a Drill at a Construction Site


Foundations support and maintain the biggest investment that we make in our lives – our homes. They are the most crucial part of the structural integrity of absolutely any construction project and without them, we simply wouldn’t be able to create strong houses. But after some time, foundations do start to deteriorate from their best and that can cause problems for the entire structure. If you notice that your foundations are showing signs of weakening and failing, you should seek out repair work right away.


We provide our clients with comprehensive solutions to their needs and concerns with foundation and household repairs. Foundation Repair Boston has a goal to be able to do our very best to deliver on the unique queries of our customers, applying our wide skillset and expanding it whenever we can. If you are looking for the apex standard of servicing in the foundation and structural repairs, then Boston Foundation Repair is the team that you have been looking for.

Boston Foundation Repair Contractor

We want to keep your Boston home free from experiencing foundation issues. If you are in the greater Boston area and you want peace of mind, call us and we’ll be happy to help.

Our contractors are experts in foundation repair and can provide you with the answers you need for your home. We will assess the damage, find the source of the issue, develop a plan to fix it, and get it done as quickly as possible.


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Structural Repair Services

A reliable foundation is a key component of any building. Without it, the entire structure is at risk and its inhabitants are vulnerable. That’s why Boston Foundation Repair offers structural repair services to help ensure your foundation is safe and secure for generations to come.

Other Signs of Foundation Damage

Foundation problems can be addressed quite easily. Our Foundation repair experts will come out and inspect your issue right away. Don’t settle for foundation issues in 2023!

Foundation wall crack repair in Boston

Concrete Contractor Repairing Wall Crack & Plastering Cement

Slab Starting to Sink?

We can solve any problem related to sinking or settling slabs with our advanced foundation repair methods. 

Floors Not Level?

This can be unsettling, but don't worry, our level lift process can raise sunken concrete and make your floors level again.

Foundation Damage Solution

We have all the solutions to your foundation problems so call us today!

Foundation Crack Repair in Boston MA

Our inspection will also look for signs of cracking in your walls or floors. We will evaluate the damage and develop a repair plan that will correct the problem. Whether it’s repairing cracks with epoxy injection, installing tension anchors, or stabilizing foundation walls, Boston Foundation Repair has the experience to ensure your structure is sound. If you have poor soil conditions or poor drainage around your home we will provide foundation reinforcement to help prevent foundation settling.

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Our clients' satisfaction is important to us.

Laura T
Laura T
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I run a small but premium construction firm, that builds quality residential properties in the city. My goal is to always create the best to sell and that is why I work with Boston Foundation Repair. With every build that I do, I make use of their commercial basement waterproofing service. They are always brilliant and the quality is always fantastic, highly recommend it.
James U
James U
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My elderly mother is unable to ever go and check her crawl space and I was starting to worry something could go wrong with it. I thought I should call Boston Foundation Repair just to be certain and thank goodness I did. They went to my mom’s house and found the wooden beams in the crawl space were starting to rot. Straight away, they took care of the repair work and rectified the situation, putting in a vapor barrier to stop any future issues. Really great company and a caring team, one happy customer and his mother!
Johnathon H
Johnathon H
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Recently I had been noticing that my basement floors were starting to bow and I immediately suspected my cinder block foundations were deteriorating. I got in contact with Boston Foundation Repair to come and fix the job. They were at my house the next day and quickly organized my foundation repairs. The outcome was brilliant and the response time, even better. Many thanks, i would highly recommend!

Foundation Crack Repair

We will look at your concrete slab and wall foundations and identify the cracks that need repair.

Seal Foundation Crack Boston MA

We use the latest techniques to close any cracks or gaps with the highest level of craftsmanship, making sure your foundation is as secure as possible.

Helical Pier Repair Solutions in Boston

If you are looking for a reliable solution for Helical Pier Repair, look no further than Boston foundation repair. We provide both residential and commercial services and use the highest grade of materials to ensure your home or business is kept safe from potential disasters.

Contact Us Today!

If you have questions about foundation repair in Boston MA, make sure you pick up the phone today to call our company. Our friendly and caring team of foundation experts are going to be able to discuss different aspects of the project with you. If you want to get a specific price quote and time estimate for the remodeling work that you need done, simply let us know. We can schedule a time to come by for a consultation.

frequently asked questions

Foundation repair can positively impact your home’s value by addressing structural issues and ensuring stability. A solid foundation enhances the overall condition and marketability of your property, providing peace of mind for potential buyers.

Cracks should not typically occur after foundation repair. If you observe cracks developing or worsening following the repair, it is advisable to seek guidance from a professional to evaluate the situation and address any potential concerns.

Basements can experience moisture issues, but it is not a universal occurrence. Factors such as location, drainage, and waterproofing measures play a significant role in determining the presence of moisture in basements.

The effectiveness and longevity of a foundation repair can vary based on factors such as the severity of the initial damage, the quality of the repair work, and ongoing maintenance practices. For a more precise estimate of its durability, it is advisable to consult with a trusted professional in the field.

The most common causes of masonry damage include weathering, moisture penetration, freeze-thaw cycles, improper construction techniques, and structural movement.

To find a good concrete contractor in Boston, ask for recommendations from trusted sources, check online reviews, verify their experience and credentials, and request multiple quotes for comparison. Boston Foundation Repair is your trusted partner for all your foundation repair needs in Boston.

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