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Foundations support and maintain the biggest investment that we make in our lives – our homes. They are the most crucial part of the structural integrity of absolutely any construction project and without them, we simply wouldn’t be able to create strong houses. But after some time, foundations do start to deteriorate from their best and that can cause problems to the entire structure. If you notice that your foundations are showing signs of weakening and failing, you should seek out repair works right away.


Boston Foundation Repair are your very best source of foundation repair solutions, serving the Massachusetts and New Hampshire areas. We are a caring team of repair specialists, working with some of the most modern and comprehensive technologies, helping local residents with their issues with foundations. Our work is carried out in a conscious manner, as we know just how big of an impact it can have in the homes of so many. You can count on us to deliver when you need us most, being Boston’s best foundation repairs team.


We provide our clients with comprehensive solutions to their needs and concerns with foundation and household repairs. Our goal is to be able to do our very best to deliver on the unique queries of our customers, applying our wide skillset and expanding it whenever we can. If you are looking for the apex standard of servicing in foundation and structural repairs, then Boston Foundation Repair are the team that you have been looking for.

boston foundation repair foundation repair


In the New England area, there have been plenty of issues surrounding faulty foundations and it has been something which has affected many family homes. It is important to be able to maintain your foundations as best you can and to prevent such issues happening to you, it is essential to know who to call for foundation repairs. We are able to provide quality repair work using modern technologies, provided by Foundation Supportworks.


Also very important to the soundness of your home but often overlooked, your basement is an important part of supporting your home. It is another space which needs to be maintained and the best way to do this is by ensuring it against the negative effects of water damage. Through our basement waterproofing, we will be able to protect your basement and foundations from the degradation caused by rain and water. Sealing your basement could be one of the wisest choices you make in preventing potential damage to your home.

boston foundation repair basement waterproofing

I run a small but premium construction firm, who build quality residential properties in the city. My goal is to always create the best to sell and that is why I work with Boston Foundation Repair. With every build that I do, I make use of their commercial basement waterproofing service. They are always brilliant and the quality is always fantastic, highly recommend.”

Laura T

boston foundation repair commercial waterproofing


Equally with commercial spaces, it is important to consider waterproofing your basement or lower floors so you can better protect your assets. With other businesses, we are able to agree commercial waterproofing plans no matter the need. We know that the waterproofing solutions that we provide will make any building a more secure place, be that a business location or a new build being constructed.


Masonry structures are durable and reliable, having been used in construction work for generations now. It offers a superior aesthetic whilst being brilliantly functional and so has been a favorite building material to many. However, over time and after wear, it can begin to show signs of damage and may begin to weaken. It is at this point which you will be needing the masonry and brick repairs work of Boston Foundation Repair. We can offer a list of brickwork services, including brick sealing and crack repair, tailored to the masonry structures of our clients.

boston foundation repair masonry repair service

My elderly mother is unable to ever go and check her crawl space and I was starting to worry something could go wrong with it. I thought I should call Boston Foundation Repair just to be certain and thank goodness I did. They went to my mom’s house and found the wooden beams in the crawl space were starting to rot. Straight away, they took care of the repairs work and rectified the situation, putting in a vapor barrier to stop any future issues. Really great company and caring team, one happy customer and his mother!

James U

boston foundation repair concrete repair


Another highly durable building material which has been at the forefront of most modern construction, concrete is one of the most versatile materials that exist. With that being said, after a while of sustained wear and tear, even concrete becomes damaged and cracked. For this, the concrete contractors at Boston Foundation Repair will be able to help. For our valued customers, we can offer a plethora of concreting services, including concrete lifting, concrete crack repairs and concrete sealing.


Underneath our houses, our crawl spaces can be useful in a number of ways however is often one of the places we most neglect, in the way of maintenance. In reality, this is a space which is susceptible to moisture build up, which can lead to mold buildup and even dry rot of wooden materials. After you’ve left your crawl space to degrade over some time, you may be needing some of our help with your crawl space repairs. We will be able to offer such things as crawl space vapor barriers and mold and mildew removal, giving our complete care to a space which is so often forgotten.

boston foundation repair crawl space repair

Recently I had been noticing that my basement floors were starting to bow and I immediately suspected my cinder block foundations were deteriorating. I got in contact with Boston Foundation Repair to come and fix the job. They were at my house the next day and quickly organized my foundation repairs. The outcome was brilliant and the response time, even better. Many thanks!

Johnathon H

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