Commercial Waterproofing

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Each and every business wants to be able to know that they can best protect their interests and the structures that they use. In the same way that a homeowner wants to be able to protect their basement through waterproofing, so too will any businessowner. We will be able to help you with your commercial waterproofing needs, able to deliver our work to whatever it is you need us for. We are able to either support you in a business location, waterproofing in the same way as residential properties, or we are able to support your needs in construction work, offering waterproofing for newly built properties. Get in contact with us today to start finding out how we can assist you and your company.


In the same way that you would want to waterproof your basement, you may well need to waterproof the lower levels of your business location. We are able to do this through either our interior or exterior waterproofing method and will select the most applicable solution for your property. It is wise for you to waterproof spaces such as these as they are typical for storing products or equipment, which you undoubtedly will be needing for the success of your company on the whole. You can guarantee that we will provide you with comprehensive solutions that will best benefit your business.


When we carry out the interior waterproofing method, we typically make use of sump pumps and drainage systems. With larger commercial locations, it may be that there is more work needed than the average family home. In this case, we will be able to map out and plan fully comprehensive drainage systems in the base level of your property. This will mean that any water that threatens to cause problems to the structure of your location will be picked up and redirected, towards an area that won’t be a cause for structural damage.


It may be that you operate within the construction sector and are working on the building of a new home or structure. If you are thinking about supplying waterproofing in the basement, this is the optimum time for it to be installed. We are able to work alongside construction firms and engineering teams, offering our services to their newly built structures. By making this small addition up front, you will be able to greatly increase the value of the property, meaning that you will be able to maximize the selling price to far better than otherwise.


By protecting your foundations, you will have a property which is better resistant to water. When foundations open up with cracks and crumbling, moisture finds easy passage through them. If you are needing foundation repairs for your commercial space then we can be of help to you. We can offer our comprehensive waterproofing and foundation repair combined service, so we can ensure that you receive the very best quality for your business.

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