Masonry Repair Service

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Masonry is an age-old material which has served us for generations. It is something which we look at as being strong and durable, as well as having a unique and effective aesthetic appearance. And whilst these are all the case, every one of those qualities can be threatened when your brickwork starts to take on damage. For a number of reasons, you could find that your masonry pieces show signs of cracking, large structural damage or anything in between. If this is the case, give us a call right away and we will be able to assist you through our masonry repair service.


The most common application of brickwork in the homes of Boston residents is for walls. Brick walls have always been a classic design style in New England so this is familiar to just about all of us. As brick walls age and wear over time, they could begin to crack or show instability through movement. It is important that any damage such as this is fixed quickly, so that it isn’t allowed to cause further damages. Our team will be able to carry out a swift repairs job, restoring your brick walls back to their best condition.


One example of concrete masonry work are cinder blocks. Cinder blocks are sturdy material and thus have been a great choice for many as a foundation material. However, much like any other concrete foundation, cinder block foundations can begin to wear over time and this will mean they can pose a threat to the structural integrity of your home. Luckily, we are on hand to help with your cinder block foundation repairs task. Our technicians will inspect your foundations, identifying the extent of the damage and choose an appropriate repairs method accordingly. We’ll be sure to choose the most effective solution which will be your most economic one.


Brickwork is strong and a is an effective building material, always being reliable. Yet another thing that it is effective at doing is collecting moisture through its porous nature. This can threaten the integrity of the structure it is being used in and so should be a cause of concern for you in your home. The best way for you to protect yourself against this issue is through our brick sealing service. We will apply our heavily water-resistant sealant to your brick walls and surfaces, securing that porous property so that moisture cannot find its route in. 


If your brick chimney is starting to bare signs of damage and wear, it could pose a structural threat to your home. A weak brick chimney has the potential to give in under its own pressure and if that is able to happen, it will no doubt cause equal damage to the rest of your house. When you start to see the early signs of this, through cracking or movement, get in contact with us right away for our chimney repair service.

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