Basement Waterproofing

boston foundation repair basement waterproofing

If your basement is able to collect water and moisture, it has the potential to threaten the entirety of your home. It can be a real concern for the overall structural integrity and is an issue which simply cannot be allowed to happen. The best way to avoid this becoming your reality is through basement waterproofing. Our basement waterproofing service will mean that you can better protect your home whilst also making it a more comfortable and more secure place to be. We assess each and every basement that we are called to and identify the very best method for waterproofing, specific to its unique needs. If you are concerned about the water situation in your basement, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us right away.


Applying an exterior waterproofing method is to stop liquids from entering your basement before they can even cause a problem. We will install effective waterproof layers between the structure that is your home and the surrounding ground. These will be able to deflect water and instead, direct it away from the foundations. This will mean that the moisture is not only stopped from seeping in through the walls but it is also carried away from the base, so there is no chance of it causing any real structural damage. For the success of this method, our team will undergo a detailed excavation and will apply exact planning. 


The other method for comprehensively waterproofing your basement is through the interior sump pump method. Differently to the exterior waterproofing, water is able to enter the basement before it is then diverted. This method is successful thanks to the construction of an interior drainage system which works in conjunction with the sump pump. This pump will forcibly remove any excess water and direct through the drainage system, carrying it safely away from your home.


In your basement, it is not just the waters carried in from the rain that you have to worry about. It is also the space in your home which builds up with the most humidity. This can be an easy way for mold and mildew to begin to thrive and this can pose a direct threat to any wooden building work in the area. To avoid this happening and to prevent against dry rotting, you should consider the simple installation of a basement vapor barrier. This is an impermeable sheet of material which is intended to guard against any moisture diffusing through the walls. This is one of the most cost-effective methods of water defense.  


It not be immediately apparent but one of the most important parts of protecting against water and moisture is by ensuring your foundations are fully maintained or repaired if they are not. When cracking and crumbling is present in your foundations, these can be easy passage for moisture to travel through. By ensuring your foundations are at their best, you can be more certain that your basement will be water resistant.

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